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Orders containing Pre-Order items will ship complete when all the items are available.

Frozen Products

Important Shipping Information

We ship to any city in the U.S. All frozen and refrigerated orders WILL ONLY SHIP ON TUESDAYS. Be sure to submit your order by at least 2PM PST on Monday so we can order enough dry ice for your order. Orders not received in time will carry over to the next Tuesday.

  • Orders to zip codes starting with 84 – 93, will arrive in 1-2 days with the UPS Ground option. PLEASE DO NOT USE THE USPS OPTION. USPS DOES NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY WITH THEIR PROMISED DELIVERY DATES.
  • All other zip codes require Second Day Air shipping.

How your order will arrive?

We use styrofoam containers and dry ice for shipping frozen orders. Unfortunately we are limited to only 5 pounds of dry ice that dissipates in about 14 hours, and it is not sufficient for your products to arrive frozen. Even if items defrost during transit, there is no harm in refreezing them upon arrival as long as the items are still cool to the touch.

What will happen, and what you need to do during the process of adding frozen or refrigerated items to your cart:

Your shopping cart will not allow you to add regular items and frozen items together in the same cart. All frozen orders has to be placed as a separate order.

When you add the first frozen item to your cart, you will be asked to enter the destination zip code. Based on this zip code the appropriate shipping container with dry ice will automatically be added to your order. This item can not be deleted from your cart unless you have first removed the frozen item


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